Who we are


TennisHousing is the place where tennis players, their parents and support team from the whole world can meet, communicate, help each other, and arrange housing using technological tools we provide, in order to give and receive housing, without paying money for the lodging.

How does it work?

TennisHousing is the place where you can help others, and doing that, someone else will help you too. When you join the TennisHousing community, every time you host thru Tennishousing.com you will receive an “Ace” (Every Ace represents the “payment” for one night for one person). When you have “Aces”, you can also travel to any part of the world where another member of TennisHousing is going to host you during a tournament, and you will “pay” with the same Ace you received when you hosted. So… When you open the doors of your house, you are in fact, opening the doors to the world.

“Hosting others is how you can travel as a guest to the whole world.”